Jan 2, 2011

The Sacred Grove

On Christmas Eve, we headed up to Palmyra, NY to the Sacred Grove. It is about 3.5 hours away from our house, and it seemed like the perfect day to go as it was the eve of the birth of Christ. This is the visitors center for the Hill Cumhora, The Sacred Grove, and The Smith's Family Home. Rian, Zaralyn and Brylee looking at a model of the Smith's HomeAn original printed copy of the Book of Mormon printed in 1830 at the Grandin Building

They have every edition (different languages) of the Book of Mormon on display.

Of course we picked out the Japanese edition

Watching the display movies about the steps to the restoration of the gospel.

Grandma and Gunnar
The statue on the Hill Cumorah. The eight witnesses.
The Hill Cumorah Statue

The Smith Family's first log home when they moved to Palmyra from Vermont.
The missionary giving us our tour told us to look out this door at the grove. This is the door that Joseph walked out of and into the grove to ask what Church was true. When he walked back through this door, his life was changed.
As we walked from the log home to the Smith's frame home, we were directed to look to the left. The Palmyra temple sits on the hill by the Smith's homes. This temple is the only temple that has windows that you can see through. President Hinckley wanted temple visitors to be able to look out and see the Sacred Grove. I would love to go to that temple in the summer.
The Smith's frame home. It has been restored to look just like it did when the Smith's lived there. It is 85% original. It was so neat to be in the same air space as Joseph and the Smith family. It was a beautiful home.
The dining room.
The parents bedroom

I thought that this fireplace was so neat. This is the fireplace where Joseph hid the plates to save them from being stolen. It is original.

These actual bricks hid the plates and kept them safe. It was so neat to be in the actual place where the first steps of the restoration of the gospel were performed.
Walking into the grove.

The girls were loving the snow, so they stopped and played in it for a while.

The Sacred Grove.

The missionaries told us about this tree. It was one of the largest trees in the grove, and just this last week it fell over. The sister missionary likened it to the gospel. If we don't root ourselves deep in the gospel, no matter how tall we grow, at any minute we can topple over. It is so important to sink our roots deep in the gospel.

The roots were so big. I feel like these pictures don't make it look very big, but it was huge.

As we were walking back to the cars, Bry started complaining about her feet being cold. Her boot fell off and I saw that she didn't have any socks on. Apparently she took them off in the car, and then put her boots back on. I put my gloves on her feet, and then she was giggling because she said that she had gorilla feet. It was pretty funny.

When we got done at the grove we drove over to the Grandin Building. It was closed because everything was closing early for Christmas Eve, but it was still neat to see where the first copies of the Book of Mormon were printed.

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